Benny Boom Talks About Directing Nicki Minaj’s ‘High School’ Video

As hip-hop continues to live in the “straight to Internet” music video age, artists are finding it tougher to make events out of their visual releases. The budgets are smaller and the viewers’ attention spans are shorter.
You can blame the music industry, the influx of amateur quality vids flooding Youtube every minute, or the Internet itself. However, pointing fingers won’t change a thing—but true music aficionados can breathe a bit easier knowing that veteran directors like Benny Boom are determined to make sure it’s still “quality over quantity.”

This past Tuesday (Mar. 2), Nicki Minaj released her Lil Wayne-assisted video for “High School” to an overwhelming response. The flick included steamy bedroom scenes with Weezy—real enough to be mistaken for a sextape. While it wasn’t raunchy in the least bit, their chemistry sold the show. From the director’s chair, Benny guided the production while making sure every second of the flick oozed with authenticity. To get a better sense of things really went down, VIBE corralled the director to break down the process.Read the full interview here.