Beyoncé’s Hottest Tour Costumes

“I’m a grown woman/I can do whatever I want,” Beyoncé proclaims on her new song “Grown Woman.” And it looks like she’s taking those lyrics literally. On Monday (April 15), the “Diva” singer kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show tour in Serbia and all eyes were on her….er… nipples. The gold body suit, made in collaboration with The Blonds and her stylist Ty Hunter, features noticeably erect nipples and it’s covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

Get your mind out of the gutter, though. The designers say the piece was created “to give the illusion of being covered in crystallized honey.” (Beyhive reference, maybe?) One thing’s for sure, Queen Bey knows how to get people chattering whenever she hits the stage. Here, we look back at some of her hottest tour outfits. Grab a cold Pepsi and enjoy the slideshow.

Photo Credits: Beyonce World, Idolator, Pop Sugar