The 19 Most Lustable Celebs Since ’93


As part of VIBE’s Big List Issue, we ran down the most drool-inducing (aka f#[email protected]) sex symbols of the past 20 years. Get between our sheets and experience the stars of your devilish desires like never before.

Words By: Jerry L. Barrow, N. Jamiyla Chisholm, Tracy Garraud, John Kennedy, Demetria Lucas, Shanel Odum, Adelle Platon, Jayson Rodriguez

19. Eva Mendes
Justify My Lust: The Miami mami got her start in the modeling world, where her full lips, Marilyn Monroe–esque mole and sun-kissed skin helped her flourish. It wasn’t until Eva started showing off her sandwiches on screen that her career (and our lust) rose.
What’s Your Fantasy: Since Mendes has never been shy about taking it off for the camera, you let her seduce you via Skype, slyly hitting record to enjoy her on-demand.
Money Shot: Training Day: Ethan Hawke bursts into the bedroom to find Denzel’s naked lil’ mami on the bed, face down and culo up.

18. Tyra Banks
Justify My Lust: Highlighted by gravity-defying mammaries, this runway legend is a 5’10” monument to sex. Accessible as she is seductive, Tyra first filled our mailboxes via Victoria’s Secret as well as she did their bras, then used her talk show to introduce television in 3-DD.
What’s Your Fantasy: You’re drowning in a tub of Jell-O and Tyra comes bouncing along in slow motion—Baywatch-style—eager to add whip cream.
Money Shot: Her 2006 “Panty Party ” episode, where she drops robe to reveal a little blue lace and a lot of skin.

17. George Clooney
Justify My Lust: Clooney’s urbane charm and executive suite looks are capable of making a whole bloodline of women unhook their bras—and it only intensifies with age. Whether clean-shaven or bearded up, the Academy Award winner’s salt-and-pepper swagger remains top shelf.
What’s Your Fantasy: Your presence is requested in Mr. Clooney ’s office. He locks the door behind you, then insists you unzip your dress—that impish gaze-n-smirk ever present.
Money Shot:
In ’98’s Out of Sight, playing ping-pong seduction with Jennifer Lopez before stripping to his boxers. My eyes!

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Illustration Credit: GlueKit