Bookie Vs. Psychic: Who Will Win The NBA Finals?

Q: Which team will hoist up the championship trophy at the NBA Finals this year?

Thomas John: I’m seeing Miami Heat versus L.A. Clippers. Oklahoma also looks like they have a fantastic chance, but I feel they will blow it towards the end. Miami looks like they’re going to be unstoppable this year, and will continue to have major win streaks. It will be close. It’s going to be all about scoring in the playoffs, and we’re going to see high number games. Miami’s shooting and offense will overpower.

Sal, Maddux Sports: Oklahoma Thunder and Miami Heat. They have the best players in the NBA: Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Another thing is that the stars get top preference. Fouls will be called in their favor. Also, starters get more minutes in the Finals and those teams have the strongest starters. Last year, the San Antonio Spurs’ ceiling was a lot lower because they played their starts less. I would go with OKC because you lose to learn. It’s a lot tougher for a young team to win the title. The Heat are older and more banged up. Ray Allen as an addition doesn’t help, maybe because of age. And OKC has the best match-up against LeBron and the Heat.

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