Boston Marathon Explosion Causes Serious Injuries

The city of Boston remains in a state of shock after two explosions went off near the finish-line of the Boston Marathon earlier today (Apr. 15). As runners were crossing the finish-line, witnesses told NBC News that they heard what sounded like two explosions and saw smoke rising near the Boston Public Library. Reports from social media also confirmed the explosions and numerous reported injuries. It has not yet been confirmed if there any reported deaths but news outlets are reporting serious injuries, some which could be life threatening. “We heard two really large explosions in rapid succession, about a second apart from each other,”Will Ritter, the spokesman for a Massachusetts Senate candidate, said. “Everybody kind of ducked and hit the ground.” As the city drew in tourists from around the country the city streets were packed to capacity. Tragically, many of these spectators are now being treated at medical tents that had been set up to care for tired runners. “There was an explosion, police, fire and EMS are on the scene. We have no indication of how many people are injured,” a spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department said. Boston police have yet to make a public statement. Stay tuned for more details on this breaking story.