Cassie Tells Forever 21 Why She Shaved Her Head and Talks Style Influences

Bad Boy’s leading lady Cassie chopped it up with Forever 21 in a recent photo shoot for her new campaign and revealed a few interesting tidbits about herself. Did you know she was submerged into freezing water for the shoot and that she’s dying to collaborate with Lana Del Rey? Check out the behind the scenes pictures of her profiling on the streets of L.A. and read what she had to say about style, palm trees, and why her shaved head doesn’t define her.

What five words pop into my head when I think of LA?
Sunshine, palm trees, ocean, studio, and… Disneyland!

What did you enjoy about the FOREVER LA Shoot?
I knew I was going to get partially in the water, but I didn’t know how much. I was actually submerged in it! What made me feel really good though was that everybody got in the water. Everybody was soaking wet head to toe. I felt like we all came together.

What was your favorite outfit at the shoot?
I really liked the look where I was on the bike that reminded me of Mr. Cartoon and I had the lace veil. That was a really cool look!

Photo Credits: Forever 21