ESPN Addresses Chris Broussard’s Anti-Gay Comments

NBA veteran center Jason Collins revealed in an open column for Sports Illustrated that he was gay.

Despite being applauded for his courageous revelation by notable athletes like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Barry Sanders and even FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

But not everyone was as “accommodating.” ESPN reporter Chris Broussard took to the air during the show Outside The Lines, taking Collins’ coming out to task with his Christian beliefs.

“If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, then the Bible says ‘you know them by their fruits,'” he said. “It says that, you know, that’s a sin and if you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, not just homosexuality — adultery, fornication, premarital sex between heterosexuals — whatever it may be, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ. So I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don’t think the Bible would characterize them as a Christian.”

He continued, “The climate in society is very set for this thing to happen…A lot of people feel like if you come out and say you don’t agree with homosexuality, you are viewed as a bigot, you are viewed as intolerant. So I think the climate is right for somebody to come out and say they are gay.”

ESPN then issued a statement after the controversial comments went viral. “We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins‘ announcement.”