Chris Brown Speaks on Drug Abuse, Marrying Rihanna and Justin Bieber Comparisons on the Breakfast Club

Chris Brown hit up The Breakfast Club as a part of his promotional tour Tuesday (April 2) to give one of his most candid interviews yet.

He spoke on channeling Michael Jackson on his latest joint “Fine China” and his insecurities when it comes to girlfriend Rihanna on the road for her Diamonds tour, saying, “I’m just a regular guy, so I’m like, ‘man, I hope ain’t nobody hittin’ that.”

When asked about the hate that he still gets from folks who aren’t willing to forgive him for his 2008 domestic abuse incident with Rih, who has clearly moved past it, he described, “ One thing they don’t like to see you to do is smile. They can boo all they want [referring to the hate he got at a recent Knicks games] but I’m rich and happy!”

Recently Brown has been under fire with rumors of alleged drug abuse in response to his apparent weight loss. Chris has remained pretty silent about these claims, but this morning, he explained, “You know what it was? I was like ‘What the hell I gotta do, eat 10 steaks a day?’ But you know what it was? I was on tour [but] when I do shows, I do shows for two hours, dancing. All the muscle goes away. All cardio–so that’s what it is. I have high cheek bones.” When it comes to drugs, he just sticks to the weed. “Everybody knows I got a medical card and smoke marijuana. Shouts to Wiz and Snoop!”

Brown also discussed Justin Bieber being a “little Chris Brown” and how he thinks that mainstream media will target the ‘little black boys’ around him, like rapper Lil Twist, as the reason he’s acting how he’s been acting lately.

He even entertained the thought about marrying Rihanna. Check out his response and the rest of his juicy responses in the interview above. –Shannon Powell