Coachella 2013: Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator Close Gobi Tent on Friday Night


Whoa. Golf Wang took over the Gobi Tent Friday night at Coachella 2013 during Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt’s closing set. Sweatshirt, who is gearing up to release his new LP Doris, invited Domo Genesis and Tyler, the Creator onstage.

VIBE picked some of the best fan Instagrams that captured the mayhem that is Odd Future live. No riots this time, but see if you can spot Tyler up in the rafters in the gallery ahead.

Crack-a-lackin, like snap, crackle, popping your ammo, I’m/
Hide your face, and throw your flannels off … Sweatshirt, nigga
— Earl Sweatshirt, “Hive”