Daft Punk Debuts Episode One: Collaborators Series


We admit, we’re obsessed with Daft Punk (like need to be in rehab obsessed), which is why we freaked when we found out about their new video series with Intel and VICE called ‘The Collaborators’. This one is not a rumor.

Each episode will showcase an artist that collaborated with Daft Punk on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories, and for its first episode pioneer producer Giorgio Moroder sits down to talk about how he was first introduced to synthesizers as well as how his craft’s developed since, including the work he did with disco queen Donna Summer. There are even special details about his work on DP’s new album and the music one can expect from it. Take a look above and stay tuned for more episodes.

“What the world needs now is not only good dance songs. The world needs something new.” ~ Moroder.