Daft Punk Will Host Their Album Launch Party In Australia

We’d like to think that this is some kind of practical joke or random rumor set on by the legendary duo Daft Punk (they’ve already pulled a number of pranks on the public so far), but a news source in Australia has announced that the guys will be hosting the global launch of their new album Random Access Memories in Australia’s cotton-capital, Wee Waa (8 hours away from Sydney), on May 17.

“Details of the launch party are remaining top secret for now, with plans expected to attract international attention to the rural town.” What we do know is that the locally based, annual show (centered around the town’s cotton harvest) will witness the first full playback of the new DP album in the world.

wee waa

If you’re deadpanned on experiencing this moment in DP history, then get your tickets to the Wee Waa Festival here starting April 12, though members of the Wee Waa Society will get first dibs at the event’s 4,000 tickets.

Random Access Memories is due to drop May 21 on Columbia Records. Pre-order is available through iTunes and Amazon.