dBerrie Talks Generation Wild Tour, Fedde le Grande And Next Release “Malfunction”

2013 has already been quite an eventful time for steadily rising DJ-producer dBerrie (born David Berrie). Last February saw the young stud on tour with fellow DJ wunderkinds Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila and Mikael Weermets to bring the nation’s youth the Generation Wild tour, followed by a new remix of Spencer & Hill’s random track ‘Let Out Da Freak’. VIBE sits down with the party rocks to get the juicy details on went down behind the decks during Generation Wild, as well as his new single coming out in May.

VIBE: Describe your sound in three words.
dBerrie: High energy. Euphoric. Random.

Tell us about your recent Generation Wild Tour last February.
It was four of us – Danny [Avila], Mikael [Weermets] and Kirill, the photographer – and it was the first time with us touring together. We never met each other, basically, and it was crazy. Kind of like college, spring break style. It was different, because one person would be playing for an hour while another would be fooling around and spraying champagne.

Isn’t there talk about Generation Wild being continued?
It’s not confirmed yet, but they’re planning on doing a West Coast version possibly in the fall. This first one that took place in February was just basically on the East Coast.

What’s it like being on the road with Danny and Mikael?
They’re all party guys. Before, during and after was just non-stop partying, and we barely got any sleep. It was awesome.

What’s the craziest on-the-road story?
Every single day was like another story, but for me it was probably my birthday in Atlantic City. I was thrown on top of the DJ booth, and they stole the champagne from Mikael and Kirill and poured it on top of the equipment. I was literally drenched, and had to take off my shirt and buy a new one at the club.

When they poured the champagne on the equipment, did that cut the sound and mess up your set?
It affected the lighting of the console, but the sound was still good.

You started out at some high-profile New York club events back in the day, giving you an edge on the hip-hop scene. Which hip-hop artists would you like to collaborate with today?
To be honest, I’m not really current with hip-hop. When listening to hip-hop growing up, I was never really big on its lyrics but more into its producers. My favorite hip-hop producers were 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, and J Dilla, though he passed away. Those are the guys I would want to collaborate with on a production level.

Your popular track ‘Zenith’ sounds similar to the Chemical Brothers’s style. Did you draw any inspiration from their music?
I love the Chemical Brothers, but I didn’t really have a pinpoint idea when producing the track. I start by basically sitting there and improvising. The only real idea I had behind ‘Zenith’ was to create a peak-time track. The track name actually comes from the Red Bull mission where the guy jumps from the highest free fall point.

What process do you go through when making a remix, for instance, your recent Spencer & Hill remix?
For everything it’s different. You start either with a melody or a sample, and it comes out in a unique way. There’s no formula to it. For Spencer & Hill, obviously it was just acappella, and then you build the break down first followed by the whole track around that.

How’d you first meet your mentor Fedde le Grande?
I was chilling at a party in WMC, and got like 30 tweets that were Fedde playing my Goyte remix. Randomly we had the same show two weeks later, and I ended up talking to him afterwards to thank him for his support. He later asked me to send him some tracks, and ended up loving them. It’s from there I developed three singles from his label, Flamingo Records.

Best advice you got from him?
I was on tour with him last fall for six or eight dates, and just traveling with him and seeing his routine has taught me a lot. He also helps me out when I’m working on a new track, so there’s always an open dialogue there.

What else do you have on your agenda. Any new music?
I actually have a new track called ‘Malfunction’ coming out May 27 via Flamingo. You’ll probably be seeing from me more original work than remixes, but keep checking out my Facebook page updates.