Did Paul Mooney Go Too Far With His Boston Comments?

The discussion about Paul Mooney’s tasteless ‘joke’ about the recent Boston bombing have hit the ether. Was he just being a crass comedian? Or did he take it too far?

The legendary funnyman has come under fire after he decided to deliver a super tasteless ‘joke’ at Levity Live comedy club about the recent Boston bombing. He sure did shock the community. Now, with Mooney in the hot seat, people pissed off and wanting him to apologize, Hollywood Street King reports what happened. Though the manager wasn’t present during the show, sources say that during the comedian’s routine he said, “White people in Boston deserved what they got and [it was] OK to lose a few limbs … and as long as no Blacks got hurt, it was OK.”

Shiryn Soriano of Monsey said she couldn’t understand why Mooney would make such comments. “Either he’s on drugs or he’s a weirdo,” she said. “He’s insensitive, rude and has no heart. He has no sympathy.”

Mooney’s publicist has yet to respond to requests for comments.

Jacky Jasper recounts on his site what Mooney said to him last month at a Studio City, California Starbucks. In the best interest of the subject, you should head over there to read it in full.

Debbie Keller, a publicist for the club, released a statement Monday saying Mooney’s behavior was unacceptable and not condoned by Levity Live. Mooney’s show for Sunday evening was canceled and refunds were offered to offended guests, the statement said. “Although live stand-up comedy can be edgy and sometimes push subjects to the limit, this time the material went too far at the expense of last week’s tragedy,” Keller wrote. “The management of Levity Live would like to offer its sincere apologies to its patrons and the City of Boston for Mooney’s insensitivity and distasteful material.”

What say you, accidental racists? Were the offending remarks a cry for attention to the growing disparities between the races? Was there any excuse in Paul Mooney’s display of ignorance? Leave your concerns and thoughts below.

Props: Mighty Casey / HSK