DJ Sliink Remembers A ‘Gentle Chris Brown’ in #RAVE4EVAR

Brace yourselves, because producer @LILINTERNET is back and he’s bringing DJ Sliink along with him for round two of his epic show. ‘#RAVE4EVAR (Episode 2)’ has our unconventional host talking to Sliink about a variety of random topics including the ‘gentle Chris Brown’, a ‘Harlem Shake’ remix and the ‘triple pone’. Watch the video above for complete details on these stories, plus crazy graphics and gifs that certify these shows as pure entertainment from start to finish.

“Hula hoops. What the hell you bringing a hula hoop to the party for? I almost got slapped by one of those at the last party.” ~DJ Sliink

Be sure to catch the first episode of #RAVE4EVAR feat. Dillon Francis here.