DMX Wants ‘Iyanla’ Footage Pulled From OWN Network

Last week, DMX appeared on the season two premiere of Iyanla: Fix My Life on Oprah’s OWN network. In the interview, X admitted he’ll “always have a drug problem” and provided audiences with other gems like, “I felt like my mother threw me away when I was the best thing she had.” It was a candid side of X people hadn’t even seen on Celebrity Rehab, and you were left thinking, “Dang, this Iyanla is gooooood.” X isn’t happy. Apparently, the whole conversation was suppose to be about his addition to women, not drugs. “DMX agreed to be a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children,” a statement released by X’s people earlier in the week read. “When he arrived for the taping, most of the content was focused on his struggles with drugs and poor parenting. Iyanla did not ‘fix’ DMX’s life just made his image worse, and does not have DMX’s personal written consent to use the footage.“ Questions about his drug use had not been cleared beforehand. He wants all the footage pulled from OWN and is looking into legal action. “Iyanla set the whole thing up to make me look bad for ratings,” X told TMZ. “That lady is toxic … My last words to her were that she can suck my dick and she still can.” X is working on a new album with his former Ruff Ryder pal Swizz Beatz and hopes to attach Dr. Dre or Kanye West to the project. He will also appear in the film Blame It On The Hustle later this year.