The-Dream Says Beyonce Collaboration May Not Make His Album

“I paid a certain amount of dues to get where I am, and I never ask someone to do something [for me] that I feel like I don’t deserve,” says The-Dream about the guest features on his forthcoming fifth album, “IV Play.” The Grammy Award winning singer/song writer isn’t bashful about his accomplishments, but you also won’t catch him banking on his past hits to carry his name.

Instead, The-Dream is set on creating new sounds to further engrave his place in R&B. Scheduled for release on May. 28, “IV Play” boasts features from Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, Gary Clark Jr. and more. And, the crooner is sticking to his guns. Other singers might have caught the EDM bug, but Terius Nash isn’t a trend-humper. He creates them.

“We finally got that Hov verse on there. That shit is crazy,” The-Dream tells VIBE about his Jay-Z collaboration, “High Art.” “I also got Gary Clark Jr. on “Too Early In The Morning.” That record is going to destroy something.”

His upcoming release has the big name collabos, but The-Dream’s signature baby-making ballads and heartbreak tunes are sprinkled in the mix as well. If all goes to plan, Beyonce will also be making a show-stopping appearance on a track, titled “Fire.”

“You might not hear [Beyonce] on the album because there’s a sample issue we’re having. We’ll be praying about that,” The-Dream tells VIBE. “We could switch it up but it’s almost like this particular sample made the record. So, if it’s not right then we don’t do it. I do don’t songs ‘just because.’

Before his own album is released, The-Dream plans to lend his helping hand to another icon.

“I think Kanye is finishing up Pusha right now while he’s finishing up his stuff,” says The-Dream. “I’ll be in Paris soon to actually start working with Kanye. I’m going get like a week and a half with Kanye before I start my promo run.”

The Dream also tells VIBE he recently gave Timbaland several songs for his upcoming album and has plans to get into the studio with Usher.