Drita D’avanzo Beats Faces With Her New Makeup Line

make up artist Drita DavanzoDrita was also awesome enough to share some of her top makeup tips.

  • To have great makeup, you’ve got to have great skin. Moisturize and use a primer. Don’t be afraid to change your foundation to suit your skin’s needs. In the winter, if you’re a little bit dryer, use a creamier foundation. In the summer, when you tend to be a little bit more oily and shiny, use a powder or a matte liquid foundation.
  • Don’t cake on the foundation! Start in the T-Zone and blend out. Use it sparingly.
  • False lashes are a great way to open up your eyes.
  • Use blush on the apples of the cheeks where you smile, for a light wash of color.
  • When you’re wearing red lipstick, keep your eyes very natural. False lashes and a bit of concealer on your eyelid is all you need!
  • If you’re rocking a smokey eye, keep your lips light.