Exclusive Download: Melodic, Progressive tyDi’s “VIBE Mix”

Producer-DJ, tyDi, is celebrating the release of his new track “Nothing Really Matters” (feat. Melanie Fontana), out now on iTunes, by offering up over 40 minutes of aural party magic with the below “VIBE Mix”.

“This mix is just a straight up journey through some of the stuff I’ve been playing at my world tours. I could have thrown in all the hits but that’s not my style, I like my compilations to be unique,” tyDi tells VIBE. Listen and read our interview with the musical mixer…

VIBE: Describe your personal sound in three words.
tyDi: Melodic, emotive and progressive.

Where did the name tyDi come from?
It’s a nickname that I’ve had my whole life. The spelling was a typo that happened mistakenly right before a DJ competition. I ended up winning so I kept the name.

Does your training in classical music help influence the tracks you produce today?
Absolutely. I did a Bachelor’s degree in music and it’s completely shaped my sound. I used a lot of real instrumentation in my work, from full string sections to a complete orchestral breakdown. Knowing music theory is an incredible asset in songwriting.

What inspired you to pursue a career in dance music?
Passion. I fell in love with dance music and immediately knew that it was going to control my life. There are no exact words for it. I guess music has always been like an addiction for me.

You have an international tour going on right now. What can we expect from your live shows?
My music tells a story, so do my DJ sets. I try my best to captivate an audience. I want them to walk away from the night feeling like they were taken somewhere far away. That’s why I really focus on music with melody; it evokes emotion and passion.

What has been your craziest fan experience so far?
There’s been far too many to list all of them, it’s always exciting when I show up to new countries and there’s fans waiting to meet me at the airport. Sometimes they wait all day just for a photo. It’s pretty crazy! I’ve played shows to 45,000 people and I’ve had some pretty creepy stalker fans.