Exclusive Download: Nexus And Hi-Rez Feat. Kyle B “We Got It”

Nexus is the Miami based producer from Miami whom VIBE pegged back January 2013 to create an EDM track. Since that release, he’s gone off to create music and release it all over the Net, and today, he returns for a second VIBE debut titled, “We Got It”, with hip-hoppah Hi-Rez and a crescendo appearance from Kyle B in the last chorus. Nexus takes a descent from the super dance anthem, “Supernova” and shows us a maturity for arranging lyrics with wobbles that work.

“I’d like this to be the summer jam,” Nexus tell VIBE. Listen, download and start jamming out now…

Here’s the first track “Supernova” from Nexus, in case you missed it: