Exclusive: Eletronic Duo Kill FM Dishes On “Revolt” EP

Today (Mon, April 22) marks the release of Swedish electronic duo Kill FM’s “Revolt” EP exclusively on Spotify. With a dash of rock and lot of beat-up arranging the pair, made up of Kim and Jimmy, will make you dance through the new season like a happy twerked out Rockette. VIBE sat down with Kill FM, after dropping their “Spin It Now” (Fuck ‘em) video last month, to get the inside scoop on the EP, which consists of five new tunes that are “big, melodic and hard”… just enough so to start a dance revolt.

VIBE: Was there a particular feeling or sentiment that motivated you during the production of the “Revolt” EP?
Kill FM: More like a smorgasbord of feelings. We wanted to make something dynamic and mix different genres so every song got a different kind of feeling to it, emotions ranging from deep and melancholic to fun and up. Hopefully, we showed people from the start that we are not just a one-hit trick-pony

You two went from collaborating on SKYPE to in person. How does that dynamic work?
Great, Skype is still an important tool for us. We still often work in that way. One of us starts working on chords and melody while the other one might work on a drop. The screen-sharing function on Skype is genius so using that we can share all different parts and build up the song online. Basically the song 70 percent done when we meet. Then we try to have a long studio session stretching over a couple of days to finish it up and make it as excellent as possible.

What do you think the role of vocals is on a dance track?
It can make a good song even better, even if its just small vocal cuts. Sometimes you need to add vocals to give the song a new dimension and make it more interesting. For Instance our song “Fiction,” started as an instrumental dubstep beat. We always felt it was missing something. Through some friends of our we came in contact with Hannah Turi, who is very talented at writing lyrics and has an amazing voice. After we invited her to the studio, “Fiction” became the track it is today.

If you could feature or collaborate with anyone in hip-hop, who would it be?
Hard question! There is a lot of good hip-hop acts, but is forced to choose we are really into Jay-Z, Foreign Beggars, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the moment.

The EP touches on a range of genres, what kinds of sounds inspire you outside of just bass and synths?
Everything from old school rock songs to classical music. During the EP production we also listened a lot to movie scores like “Blade Runner”.

If you were to score a movie or a video game, what kind would it be?
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, just because you would have a great playroom to create and craft cool sounds without limits. Awesome sound escapes where the music really could play a massive part of the movie experience.

If you could have anyone remix one of your tracks, who would it be and which track?
We’d have Knife Party remix our track “Goons”. They always have such interesting arrangements and cool ideas.

“Revolt” on Spotify.
“Spin It Now” on Beatport.