Exclusive: Guy Gerber Reveals Creepy Pacha Ibiza Residency, “The Wisdom of the Glove”


Photo: Guy Gerber explains his upcoming ‘The Wisdom Of The Glove’ Ibiza party to VIBE’s senior editor, Sarah Polonsky in NYC on April 3, 2013.

Electronic DJ-producer Guy Gerber gets bookings across globe for his ability to dazzle behind the decks with a brand of house music and energy that keeps fans flocking. From Gerber’s native Israel, to Detroit, NYC, Miami, and beyond, the past year has seen the spinner in a different city weekly. And now, Gerber tells VIBE he’s in for the residency of a lifetime come summertime 2013 at the renowned Pacha Ibiza.

“It’s going to be called ‘The Wisdom Of The Glove’, the DJ dishes to VIBE during his latest NYC jaunt. Gerber just spun at Verboten’s Friday night party at Highline Ballroom, along with artful deep house duo, Art Department, this weekend. He’s stayed in Gotham a few extra days to make plans and do some Ibiza-friendly clothes shopping.

The Ibiza party is still in the beginning phases, but Gerber insists he wants to “do something uncomfortable, psychedelic and creepy, but still very summery. Every time you wear the glove, you’re in character. So I suggested bringing in some magicians and the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine, like from the movie ‘Big’,” Gerber adds. “Then we bring a shadow puppeteer for the visuals. This is a residency. It’s going to be every Wednesday. Eighteen weeks in a row.”

As for the music, Gerber says: “My sound is an attempt to bring back what Ibiza was 30 years ago: more melodic, not just beats. More musical. The first few hours is going to be more challenging, sometimes there will be bands. “You come, you enter, and there will be body painting, all these lights and girls—all these things are happening—after a while it’s going to start to be more house and tech music.

“I was at a party in a jungle hosted by Audiofly in Mexico,” Gerber starts in on the backstory the party’s curious title. “I was wearing one glove (Michael Jackson-style). The interior texture felt kind of weird because it was a cheap glove. After like two hours, I realized that no one I touched was bothered by the glove. So I touched myself, and realized that the outside of the glove was actually soft and nice.”

Guy Gerber has powerful fans and friends (including Diddy) and usually gets what he wants, bizarre as what he wants may be. Thus, “my idea was that the glove charges you with creepiness, because every time I’m touching someone it felt weird. Later, if I want to shake your hand with my non-gloved hand, I’m going to haunt your dreams with all the creepiness I inherited.” Gerber proclaims: “That is the wisdom of the glove.”

No, Guy Gerber wasn’t tripping on acid when he came up with this concept. “It’s just my normal creepy thought process,” he explains. “Pacha Ibiza offered for me to come perform only three days, but I wanted to be there longer. I told them I would do would do it only if they give me full artistic control. Pacha said, ‘okay, but do you have a concept?’ I said, ‘Of course. The Wisdom of the Glove!’” Gerber lights up.

“They [Pacha] actually liked it,” he adds ecstatically. “But they wanted to know the actual concept.”

So, what is the actual concept, Guy? “I don’t want any merchandise. I just want to bring one glove and I want to sell it for $150,000. It won’t have diamonds. It won’t have gold. It will be a simple glove. Basically, I want to freak everybody out.” Gerber won’t spin wearing the glove or even sign it. According to him, “it’s just going to be in a display box. A really fancy museum box, like, ‘do not touch’ with bodyguards.”

Even Pacha Ibiza’s team is coming up with oddball ideas for the new “Glove” parties. “You know the movie “Hugo”, that weird machine,” Guy Gerber adds, as he tries on a $1,000 striped button-down. “The creative director of Pacha found a guy who made those kind of machines.”

Gerber can’t confirm who will be on the bill just yet, but says: “I have some names, but I’m not sure if they’re going to come through. Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Mathew Johnson, Afforded, Chromatics,” are just some of the electronic dance music acts he’s conjuring up for his summer on the Isle of clubbing paradise.

“Some people will like it, some people will love it, and other will ask, ‘what the fuck is that?’” Gerber purchases his crisp new threads and states, “For sure, it’s going to encourage a dialogue. My end goal is to freak people out.”

This is one investigative journalism story VIBE must experience. See ya’ll in Ibiza.