Fashion Talk: Pusha T Connects With Play Cloths Fans

“I think the one thing about Pusha T and just about The Clipse and why people sort of gravitate towards me is because I’m of the people and I’m always here around the people,” says Pusha.

And in keeping with that, Pyrex P dropped by the Fresh Out the Box clothing store in California for a Play Cloths meet and greet with his fans and consumers. In a video documenting the visit, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper also discussed the birth of the Play Cloths brand, attributing a big influence to longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams and Japanese producer Nigo’s A Bathing Ape line.

“We came up in the BAPE era, and of course we were introduced to it by Pharrell Williams. He had a lot to do with birthing that brand, and as far as hip-hop goes, Nigo is someone who really loves the music,”

Deriving his own sense of style from the streetwear predecessor, Pusha shared that his fans’ admiration of his BAPE gear led to his own vision for Play Cloths, which now boasts five years of business under its belt.

Check out Pusha’s meet and greet video here.