Fat Trel: “Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns”

Fat Trel wants it all. The DMV rapper, once dubbed the best in the region, prepares his national takeover with the upcoming “Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns.” Trel spoke to VIBE about his mixtape, his newly-free friend Chief Keef and his loft aspirations for the future. –Chris Harris

VIBE: You were named the number one artist in the DMV not too long ago. How does that feel?
Trel: It’s like I would feel the same way LeBron did when he won his first MVP. It’s like my city is acknowledging me for what I’m doing. Not only are they acknowledging me, but they’re saying that I’m the best. No matter what job you work at, if you get “Employee of the Month” at Wendy’s. It ain’t no greater feeling, you know what I mean?

D.C. has its share of crime and street violence. Any thoughts on that?
It ain’t nothing new my nigga. It probably slowed down a little bit since Barack got up there but you know, it’s D.C. DC ain’t gon’ never change.

Do you feel you have some responsibility to help the community then?
Nah, I mean as far as what? What can I do? I can’t go house-to-house and take guns out them niggas’ house. You gotta understand why people get shot. People get shot because there’s money around. With the
government not giving as much opportunity as they give white America, motherfuckers result to the only way they know how to get some money. So when niggas’ getting money, that’s where killing comes from. It ain’t nothing I can do. If there was something I could do, I would.

Your good friend Chief Keef just got out of jail. Were you able to catch up with him since he’s been out?
Nah, not yet. We was supposed to hook up in Texas. He never made it to Texas. It’s a good feeling when one of your niggas come home. It’s back to the money, it’s back to everything. They couldn’t keep a good man down. Shout out to GBE.

Do you think he’ll be able to pick up where he left off?
Hell yeah bro. Do you think he’s not? Of course he is. Money motivates young niggas and he’s definitely motivated by money. There’s a
lot of money for him to make right now.

You’ve said that the title for “Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns” comes from the fact that if there was a book about you, that’s what you would name it. Really?
I feel like if I’m a book, that’s what my cover reads. I feel like if you’re a real nigga and you look in my eyes, you should be able to see sex, drugs, money and guns. That’s what I represent. That’s what all the Slutty Boyz is. All my friends, all my family, I feel like that’s what we represent. Being in DC, that’s what it’s all about. That’s an everyday thing, I’m going to wake up with my gun, I’m a do some drugs, I’ma have some sex and count some money. That’s every single day.

Sounds like a good life. So what’s next? What are your ultimate aspirations?
I gotta get a Grammy before I die my nigga. Why wouldn’t I? I want Best New Artist at the BET awards, I want Best Video at the MTV Awards. I want it all. Certain little things like that proves how great of an artist youare. I strive for the top, I want to win Best Actor. Sky’s the limit, bro. I want an Espy too.