Letterman Tells Fired Anchor ‘I’m Trying To Get You The Job Back’

It seems that expletives have boosted A.J. Clemente to the national stage when less than a week ago, he barely made the local news desk. The North Dakota weekend news anchor, who was fired his first day on the job for cursing on-air, booked an appearance on Late Show With David Letterman where he admitted he was red in the face after the blunder. “I went home, crawled in bed and called my parents,” Clemente said. “But the next day, you gotta pick yourself up, you gotta laugh at yourself and keep going.” He also seemed to let the national attention get to his head when he told Letterman he would return to KFYR in Bismarck if offered the opportunity unless something greater came along. “I’ve thought about it, but if ESPN comes knocking…,” Clemente told Letterman. Letterman clapped back, “Look, I’m trying to get you the job back in Bismarck, forget about ESPN. That ain’t gonna happen. You’re going back to Bismarck.” The late night cameo came after making an early morning run on TODAY and Kelly and Michael, where the latter gave him an impromptu job on the red carpet for Pierce Brosnan’s new movie, Love Is All You Need.

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