First Watch: IMS Engage Presents Russell Simmons In Conversation With Patrick Moxey

This never-before-seen video features a raw and inspirational conversation between Ultra Music founder Patrick Moxey (now President of Electronic at Sony) and hip-hop icon Russell Simmons. The two music stalwarts discuss profound lessons learned in music, business and life during the first IMS Engage, which went down Wednesday April 17th at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Presented by the International Music Summit from Ibiza, the event drew in global attendees from electronic music and associated industries. IMS Engage consisted of six pairings, a platform designed to show how far the genre reaches with speakers from finance, technology, hip-hop and beyond.

“You can’t clean up a culture because it’s a reflection of the world. You can only clean up yourself”, Simmons sincerely states in the video above, adding the profound message: “You have to love what you’re doing or life doesn’t have any meaning” For anyone in the music business today, this is a much-watch, listen and learn that reminds anyone who feels out of place, “the gatekeepers don’t hate you, they don’t understand you.” Amen.