Floyd Mayweather Jr. Supports Polygamy, Compares Women To Cars

Boxing champ ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather Jr. aired his documentary 30 Days of May on Showtime last night (April 3) and shared his thoughts on monogamy in relationships. Let’s just say he’s not about that life.

“Even though you can’t drive ten cars at one time, you got people that got ten cars,” Mayweather explains. “So, you’re able to keep maintenance on ten cars. So, I feel that as far as it comes to females, that same thing should apply. If you’re able to take care of 20, then you should have 20.”

Luckily for him, his girlfriend Shantel Jackson is on the same page with his views about love and sex.

“I’m not the jealous type,” he says. “I know who I am and I know where I stand. I just feel like when you have that type of relationship where you can be open and honest. So, it doesn’t bother me and it’s never bothered me.”

20 partners at once? Welcome to the world of dating in 2013. —Terry Carter Jr.