Former Sazon Booya DJ SAV Pops Bubblin’ New EP

Moombah-heads were sorely disappointed by the disbanding of moombahton act Sazon Booya after a messy spat in Miami with DJ-producer Mr. Vega. However, now hypeman Mystereo will stay alongside, DJ SAV who has teamed up with Dominican producer Happy Colors to bring us the electric, bubbly “Good Times” EP. It’s a good thing today is Friday, because you’ll be wanting to load this into your weekend pre-game mixes, like, now.

With three titillating, get-on-the-floor dance tracks, SAV offers up thanks to “the fans for their words and encouragement”, and credits Happy Colors as being the deus ex machina to “a lot of unfinished ideas” whose seeds were planted with Sazon Booya. It’s a first taste of what DJ SAV has in store, but it’s clear to us that he isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. Take a listen and try not to dance where you sit, we dare ya.