Free Download: Matt Gill of Parachute Youth Debuts Solo Project ft. Nkechi

Matthew Gill, one-half of the Aussie indie dance group Parachute Youth, has been moonlighting some solo productions under his personal moniker, Matt KVon. With the first solo EP, “Close Range” feat. Nkechi, we get a look into his fresh new direction.

Although Parachute Youth is set to remain as project number one, the personal tracks of KVon are sure to make a splash. Mixed with vocals that are both soulful and playful, the track employs a menacing tone. Check out his new track here which utilizes some deep modulated bass that’s rare for indy-dance.

VIBE caught up with KVon to discuss balancing the multiple projects and what it was like to work with fellow Aussie Nkechi (nnn-KAY-chee), co-writer on the track and vocalist.

VIBE: Have you had any challenges balancing two monikers between Parachute Youth and Matt KVon?
KVon: Actually quite the opposite. When you have captured one direction, you’ve figured out a sound for one stage personality, do another moniker. Do something completely different. Whether the world sees it or not is indifferent. Just don’t limit yourself because you’ll get stuck. I listen to all different kinds of music and I find myself picking things out of everything I listen to that I want to try or replicate when I’m producing. At the end of the day, you can always bring something back to your home base, whether it’s Matt KVon or Parachute Youth or whatever.

It’s like when a writer gets writer’s block because they can really go in one sort of defined direction. It’s so hard to be creative sometimes when you have such a limited capacity to work with. I can understand when a writer sits down and wants to write about something in particular but they can’t get it out because they are so focused on that one idea so much that they are forgetting the range of options that they actually have.

VIBE: So the lyrics in ‘Close Range’ are fairly dark, can you explain to us the genesis of how that came about?
KVon: I was so nervous about the studio session that afternoon with Nkechi because I knew the caliber of people she must be working with constantly. I wanted to make the most of it and I didn’t want her to feel like I was wasting her time. I’m sure if she thought I wasn’t taking it seriously she wouldn’t have wasted her time with it. And so I though I should take a crack at writing a chorus before I get into the studio. The chorus of ‘Close Range’ is about getting across three main ideas: the first thing was ‘I’m shooting you at close range’, which means I’m gonna tell it to you straight. I’m gonna tell you how it is, and there is gonna be no two ways about it.

Nkechi has a powerful voice and she really delivered on that track. She’s beautiful and sincere in her music and I knew this song was perfect for her to sing on.

VIBE: What do you want to do accomplish as Matt KVon in the next two to three years?
KVon: It would be nice to just keep releasing EPs every six months or so, and keep my creativity. I don’t know if it will lead to an album but I would like to look back and see an evolution of my work.

The first track off of his EP ‘Close Range’ is available for free download on Soundcloud.