Free Flows at the WAN·DER·LUST Art Exhibit

This Tuesday, April 16th, New York City Art Exhibition is hosting an opening reception for a group exhibition entitled WAN·DER·LUST. The exhibition’s theme centers on unfamiliarity and that which is unknown, and exploring past the boundaries of time and space, using these elemental surprises to form WAN·DER·LUST’s collective narrative. The work takes form through many media, including paper, canvas, photography, sculpture and furniture, to express the artists’ appetites for discovery, aiming to inspire a state of constant transformation and natural flows.

The featured artists include Jody Levy, Yarrow Mazzetti, Arten Mirolevich, Reka Nyari and Peter Ruprecht. WAN·DER·LUST is being supported by Centaur Properties, who have long supported artists and projects in New York City, including the first Burning Man art installation in a New York residential area, which was in the Meat Packing district. This exhibition has a one-month engagement on the ground floor of the 72 Wooster Street building.

If you live in New York and are kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the ever-burgeoning art scene around you, then we implore you to go and experience some of the city’s underground artists’ creations.

72 Wooster Street

Opening Reception Tuesday, April 16
WAN·DER·LUST will be open from April 26 – May 15