Gentlemen’s Corner: Stylist Kwasi Kessie Talks Chris Brown’s Style on ‘106 & Park’

Chris Brown on 106 & Park in LA

VIBE Vixen: From a stylist’s perspective, what are your thoughts on Chris Brown’s look and fashion sense?
Kwasi Kessie:
It’s great. He really appeals to his audience, which is the younger demographic and even some older fans. He’s able to mix the high-end with the street appeal, which is really popular right now.

Since his first appearances on BET, how have you seen his style evolve?
I was actually an assistant stylist for him for like a few years, so I’ve literally seen it evolve first hand. In the beginning, he was doing a lot of hoodies, and he was more comfortable in baggier fits and what was more popular at the time. As his music evolves and he becomes bigger artist, he has a slimmer [fit] now and he’s doing more high-end labels. He may have on the Margiela jacket with some Jordan 3’s and some Balmain ripped-up jeans.

That said, which look would you say did Chris nail the most on 106 & Park?
The one where he’s in L.A. with Bow Wow and Sevyn. He had the all-over print shirt with the J’s. This summer, all-over print shirts are going to be even more permanent within fashion. He’s always a step ahead, and he’s always able to make the audience want to be like him. When you look at Chris from a fan perspective, you want to be like that. When people were younger and they saw Michael Jackson, they wanted to be like Michael Jackson.

I agree. The look is a bit edgier. Stands out a lot more than before.
It goes back to him being more comfortable in himself and being more free in his expression. As you grow as a person, you get more comfortable, so you’re willing to try more things and be yourself. I would say that his style now is the most “Chris Brown” it has been. He’s like, I can throw on what I want to wear and feel good in it.

What other current or forthcoming style trends do you see Chris really rocking?
He’s definitely going to lean towards the motocross look. I wouldn’t say suit and tie but some sophisticated looks. He’s definitely going to go with a more polished look as well–more suits and maybe a dope jacket. More grown.

That’ll be an interesting look on him. If fans wanted to kind of mimic CB’s look, which labels should they buy?
I would definitely go with some Jordans. Get a staple pair of Jordans, then [buy] a grey fitted pair of jeans from Uniqlo. It cost less and will have the same appeal. There’s a few brands that do an all-over print.  If you want to go high-end, Givenchy has all-over prints that they’re known for. You can also do low-end and do Topshop. They have a few all-over print tees with animals on them and mimic the Givenchy look. Everything in fashion mimics each other, so you don’t have to go high-end to achieve the look you want.

Tune into 106 & Park tonight (Apr. 1) to see Chris Brown premiere his new video “Fine China” on the countdown. Photo gallery here.