Gentlemen’s Corner: Jay Ellis Reveals His Personal Game and Attraction to Confident Women

The Game just got sexier with their newest cast member, Jay Ellis.

Ellis joined the show’s cast as Bryce “Blue” Westbrook, the number #1 draft pick to join the Sabers in exchange for the trade of Derwin “Ding-Dong” Davis.

Our sadness for Pooch Hall’s departure was quickly subsided with this 6’4″ actor’s good looks, great body, and talent. Not to mention the actor shows us everything he’s working with as he goes full monty on the season’s first episode.

We got the chance to catch up with him and learn about his experience joining The Game and understanding his personal “game” when it comes to the ladies.


VIBE Vixen: What was your initial reaction when you found out you got the part?
Jay Ellis: I was blown away. It was a long process; it took about 7 to 8 weeks from my initial audition to the time I got the phone call. It was one of those things that was going on and on so when I got the phone call I couldn’t believe it because it seemed like the process was never going to end. When that was the end of it and it was me getting to go work on a show I’m a huge fan of, I was completely blown away.