Gentlemen’s Corner: Jay Ellis Reveals His Personal Game and Attraction to Confident Women

Jay Ellis

Who was your favorite character when watching the show?
My favorite character watching the show has to be Jason Pitts. Jason has such a strong point of view and his truth is just so real to him. We all know people like that.

How do you feel about having Lauren London as your love interest?
It’s cool. I’ve seen her work outside of The Game so when I got the opportunity to work with her I was excited because: A. I think she’s a great actress and B. it’s not hard going to work with a beautiful girl everyday. She’s a sweetheart and taking this journey with her as two new people joining the show has been absolutely amazing.

Who’s the funniest on set?
It’s somewhere between Brandy [Norwood] and Wendy [Raquel Robinson]. It’s one of those two for sure. I’m blown away at their energy level. Especially Brandy because she’ll perform and then come work four days on set and then travel and perform again and come back. But as soon as they walk on set they light up the room with jokes. So it has to be one of them for sure.

Can you give an example?
Brandy would scream”touch the world”,  for a week or two when she walked on stage. You could be all the way across the room but you knew that Brandy just walked in. Someone in props ended up making these “touch the world” buttons and giving everybody one to wear on their shirts one day as a surprise for Brandy. The entire crew and a couple of cast members had it and she did a whole “touch the world” performance for like 5-minutes. It was hilarious.

What’s your workout regimen?
It’s pretty intense. I’m in the gym six days a week. From the time I got the job to the time we started production, I put on 15-pounds. I lift, I run, I jump rope, I do yoga sometimes; I mix it up as much as possible so it doesn’t get monotonous. I really believe your body is just as much an instrument as your mind.