Gentlemen’s Corner: Jay Ellis Reveals His Personal Game and Attraction to Confident Women

Jay Ellis
Confident but not overly-confident. I like a woman who stands on her own. She works, she’s proud of the things she does, she doesn’t need anybody to validate her but at the same time she’s humble. I love a smart woman; I love a woman that can have a conversation about politics, religion, TV, or art. I workout a lot, I like a woman who works out too, it doesn’t have to be my kind of regimen but I like a woman who takes pride in how she looks.

What type of game do you use to attract a young lady?
I don’t think I use anything. I’m told that I’m very matter-of-fact. I believe in courtship. I believe in picking girl up and taking her to dinner and going out on a date. So I don’t believe I use any game necessarily to talk to a girl as much as I would walk up and say ‘Hey, how you doing? My name is Jay. I saw you standing over here and wanted to introduce myself.’ If it’s received it’s received, if not I move on.

What’s one item every lady needs in her wardrobe?
Heels. Some sexy, black, with a skinny heel and platform on it. I prefer a closed-toe and I need more than a kitten [heel], at least a 4-inch heel. I’m a tall dude so that also plays into it.

What’s your personal theme song?
“Ambition” by Wale. I believe ambition is more than just having a dream but going to get your dream at any cost. I believe that with it we can achieve anything we want and conquer circumstances.

What will you be involved in next?
I’m working on a few projects. Ultimately I want to spend the summer working on a feature [film]. Outside of that, I’m going to go to Africa with this charity and digging wells in Tanzania. And I’m involved in other charity work that I really wanted to do for a while.

Nice! Tell us about your involvement with charities?
I really believe the little things we do along the way helps generations. I believe that what I have is a gift, and if I’m not using it to empower people and make others lives better than I’m not doing my job.