Gentlemen’s Corner: Lance Gross Discusses Being The Face of Magic Shave, Rick Ross Controversy, and Going Nude


VIBE Vixen: Why do you feel you were chosen to represent Magic Shave?
Lance Gross: I think it’s a perfect marriage, I’m a clean cut guy and I think I represent what Magic Shave represents. It was a perfect opportunity because I’m always on camera and I have to shave a lot to keep it nice and clean. A lot of African males suffer from ingrown razor bumps and Magic Shave is the answer. You eliminate the razor you eliminate the bumps. It takes four minutes and then you wipe it off and you really get a closer shave than you would with a razor.

Can you explain the dating Game program?
The game is called Work Ur Magic and you can find it at It’s a fun and exciting interactive game that allows guys to show how smooth they are and [how they] work their magic. If they’re really smooth they can win a trip to Vegas for them and three of their friends.

Who taught you how to shave?
I can’t even say it was my dad. We would always take trips to the barbershops so it would probably be the barbers in Oakland, California.

What’s your worst shaving experience?
I moved to LA trying to find a barber, I found this guy who took my hairline back so far. It must have been like an inch on the sides. Any guy knows that’s a no-no because it takes a long time for it to grow back. It took at least 2 to 4 weeks for it to grow back in all the way. That had to be the worst experience.

Would you ever change your clean-cut appearance to a scruffy, full grown beard?
I dabble between them. Sometimes I wear a beard, sometimes I’m clean cut with a goatee, and sometimes I have to take it all off especially when I was working with House of Payne. It just depends on what I’m working on. Usually when I’m on vacation I let it grow into a full beard.

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