Gentlemen’s Corner: Lance Gross Discusses Being The Face of Magic Shave, Rick Ross Controversy, and Going Nude

Lance Gross Celebrity Selfie

What’s the sexiest thing about a woman’s’ face?
The sexiest thing about a woman’s face has to be her eyes. I’m an eye guy and they don’t have to be a crazy color it’s just like the shape.

@Quyonce: Would you ever go nude for a movie?
Of course, it would have to be the right opportunity though. I feel like if its going to be something like that I can’t half ass it, it has to be all out like “boom this is me” but of course I would.

@SankaraXT: How do you pick your stylist for your shoots and are you going to do any on the east coast?
It’s all word of mouth. I have a core group in LA that I work with, I’m comfortable with them, we’re friends but I’m always open to finding new stylist so I guess it’s word of mouth.

@Xoxosaraash: What’s your stance on the Rick Ross controversy?
Rick Ross that’s my boy, I love his music but he went kind of too far with that. I don’t think that’s cool, no rape is cool. I think it was a mistake, I don’t think he thought it through it was a punch line but I don’t agree with it. But then again it goes with everything—I don’t agree with people killing each other but people rap about that all the time but nobody ever talks about that. That’s on the same level, if not worse. It was just a mistake he made, I don’t think he should lose his endorsements over it.

@Depthsofmysole: What’s your daily workout regimen?
I’m lucky I have a fast metabolism. If I’m traveling I’ll hit a few push-ups, a couple of crunches. If I’m in town in LA, I hit the gym. I like to workout with free weights and yeah I eat what I want.

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