Get the Look: Rihanna’s Impeccable Skin and Red Lip

Global Pop icon Rihanna constantly wows the world with her evolving looks. Even on her bad days, we’re hard pressed to find her not looking carpet ready. Lindsay Ebbin, VP and Global Creative Director of Vibe Beauty offers five steps to help us stand out in the crowd and tap into our inner Rihanna.

Step 1: Use concealer on any spots on your face that needs extra care—paying close attention to below the eyes. Apply a matte foundation with a foundation brush, making sure you use upward and outward strokes to ensure a perfect finish. Set with a high definition setting powder to ensure long wear throughout the evening.

Step 2: Highlight the brow bone with a neutral colored eyeshadow that has a slight shimmer. Use a medium brown shade and apply shadow in a reverse C formation to contour your eye area. Apply the light shimmer on the middle of the lower eyelid. Line the inner rims of the eyes with an intense black eye pencil and smudge into the lash line using a sponge tip applicator. Next, apply a very soft colored brow powder to match your hair tone; comb brows upward to ensure a structured brow look. MAC’s inner strength eye shadow x 4 provides the confidence one needs for the red carpet.

Step 3: Curl lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply a small amount of mascara to your top and lower lashes. Build slowly to avoid clumping and separation.

Step 4: Softly apply a MAC peach or tan blush directly on the cheekbones moving towards the hairline.

Step 5: Apply a moisturizing color intense tangerine red lipstick shade all over your lip and apply a coral lip liner over to hold the lipstick in place. Try Morange mixed with any MAC red to create the perfect lip.