Goodie Mob to Drop New LP ‘Age Against The Machine’ in June


What you really know about the dirty south?

Goodie Mob — the Atlanta hip-hop crew led by Cee-Lo and consisting of Big Gipp, Khujo, T-Mo — will release their first album since 2004’s One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show this coming June. Titled Age Against The Machine, a play on the rap-metal band Rage Against the Machine, the posse has been teasing the possibility of a new album since 2007, when they officially announced their reunion.

This month marks a year since the original foursome released their comeback single “Fight to Win.” Apart from one-off appearances at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and on The Voice, the group has kept their new album news under wraps.

“It’s future-sounding,” Cee Lo’s manager Larry Mestel told Fuse. “It’s not really what you would think Goodie Mob would be. I think people will be surprised in a positive way when they hear it.”

Cee-Lo — currently at the tail end of his Las Vegas residency, dubbed Cee Lo Is Loberace, at the Planet Hollywood Casino — calls the album “progressive.” He told Fuse, “I think that we’ve grown a great deal in the last 10 years … Age Against the Machine is symbolic of wisdom being a weapon of choice.” He also described to the LP as “Public Enemy on acid, the new Black psychedelic experience.”

Age Against the Machine is slated to drop on June 18.