Google Glass Strip Clubs: Forget It!

Google Glass strip clubs? Don’t get your hopes up. The futuristic wearable computer will be banned from strip clubs, movie theaters, Las Vegas casinos, and other locales.

NBC News says that Google Glass strip clubs are not the wave of the future, and will get the same treatment as smart phones with built-in cameras. The manager of a strip joint in Vegas told the outlet: “We’ve been dealing with the cellphone videoing and the picture taking over the years and we are quick to make sure that that doesn’t happen in the club.” Tech-savvy patrons with the cool new computer system will have to check it in, just like any other electronic device.

It’s not just a ban on Google Glass strip clubs – movie theaters wary of bootleggers will also ban Google Glass, and don’t be surprised if your local gym bans them from the locker room.

Image via ABC News