Graffiti Artist Futura Speaks On New Beats by Dre Headphones Collaboration

It is difficult to find a collaboration of music and art that leaves an everlasting impression. Yet Beats by Dre collaborated with graffiti artist Futura to create headphones like no other.

In honor of the release of the headphones, characterized by their free-will paint splatter aesthetics, Beats by Dre and Futura invited bloggers, photographers, movers and shakers to the Beats by Dre store in Manhattan to catch a sneak peak at the new ‘phones.

“When I got the call to work with Beats by Dre, I was like, ‘Can I meet Dre?’ Ha!,” says Futura, who’s since met the hip-hop legend and audio kingpin. “They are going to be selling them at Apple Stores. I’ve been financially supporting their brand for a long time so it’s nice to get in the building without having to buy something!”

Omar Johnson, the SVP of Marketing for Beats by Dre, also came by the event and gushed about his admiration of Futura’s work.

“I have been trying to meet him [Futura] for years!” says Johnson. “I’m glad we made this happen.” —Jaz T. Cuevas