Grassroots Organization Pens Open Letter to Snoop Lion

A national grassroots group, the League of Young Voters, has written an open letter to Snoop Lion in support of the message on his single “No Guns Allowed” and his REINCARNATED project. Penned by the organization’s national executive director Rob “Biko” Baker, the letter applauds the rapper’s transition from celebrated gansta rapper to advocate for peace.

“Every hour, four people in the United States are killed by firearms,” the letter informed.. “While that’s a heartbreaking statistic, I am so inspired that you are using your platform to speak up about the nation’s violence issue.”

Baker, who was a Los Angeles-based hip-hop journalist from 2001 to 2006, chronicled his story from writer to community leader in the open letter. Noting his familiarity with Snoop’s “Murder Was The Case” past, he cited it as a point of further reverence for the rapper’s turnaround.

“After watching your film, Reincarnated, I realized that this couldn’t have been an easy decision to use your art in this way” Baker wrote. “Not only has your brand become synonymous with the take-no-nonsense aggression of gangsta rap, but you also know that the harsh realities of Southern California street culture won’t simply disappear because you have adopted a more peaceful attitude.”

The letter did express high hopes for Snoop Lion’s initiative, however, pointing to the rapper’s influence as a hopeful means for change.

“Given your street cred, and your efforts to mentor young musicians long before you ever adopted the new moniker, Snoop Lion, I believe that your “No Guns Allowed” campaign can inspire people from all backgrounds to think proactively about transforming their own communities,” Baker wrote.

Baker also appealed to Snoop for support of his cause with the League of Young Voters, which has been campaigning for anti-violence in low-income communities for a decade. He also pledged to spread his message while urging him to remain active against gun violence.

“I applaud you for your courage. Please continue to be brave and bold.”