Headhunterz Announces New Label ‘For Hard With Style’

Hard dance connoisseur, Headhunterz has announced the launch of his new record label HARD with STYLE™ endeavor.

The highly regarded Holland DJ, is seeking to sign both up-and-coming talent and artists that are already established to further propel the EDM movement throughout the course of 2013 and beyond. Serving as the A&R of the label, Headhunterz plans to offer single record deals to artists with no-long term commitments or options, allowing them the freedom to work with other labels.

Headhunterz’ HARD with STYLE™ brand currently produces a monthly podcast that gives viewers additional insight on new tracks from around the globe. The new label has yet to unveil any particular candidates or new music but assures that groundbreaking material is on the way.

In 2006, Headhunterz, born Willem Rebergen launched Scantraxx Reloaded a sub label of Scantraxx Records. The label released hits by Gostosa, Project One and Headhunterz himself before folding.