‘Holla II’ Brings The Funny And The Scary Back To The Big Screen

Part two of the H.M. Coakley horror/comedy flick Holla II brought the laughter and the fear to the big screen with the same familiar faces.

The movie picks up where Holla I left off, depicting leading lady Monica — played by former 3LW songstress Kiely Williams — trying to cope with the death of her closest family members and friends at the hands her deranged sister, Veronica. It shows the hip-hop/reggae singer attending a wedding where the celebration goes awry. A night at their haunted plantation turns into a murderous mystery.

The Wed., Apr. 17 premiere at New York’s AMC Empire 25 was attended by a majority of the cast and crew including Vanessa Calloway, popular producer Drummaboy, executive producer Monica “Dollphace” Floyd, Mari as well as director Coakley.

Love and Hip-Hop New York star Tahiry came out to show support and confirmed rumors that she will take part in the third installment of the Holla series.

“It’s not a rumor, its going down!,” she said. “I got the script a couple days ago, than got invited here for the premiere just to pretty much catch a feel of what Holla was about because I didn’t see Holla I and i’m excited.”

The film hasn’t begun production but Coakley did confirm that shooting will take place in the West Indies.

Catch Holla II in theaters now, playing in Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta and NYC. For more, visit www.hollabackmovie.com.