HTC Reports Least Profitable Quarter Ever

It seems HTC may be struggling to keep up in the smartphone race.

The company has just released its quarterly earning report, revealing it as the least profitable
in HTC’s history. Down 98 percent from its numbers last year, the Taiwanese phone maker posted earnings of just $2.83 million. In addition, HTC reports that it has fallen shy of revenue projections, raking in $1.4 billion instead of the $1.6 billion it predicted. Back in January, the International Data Corporation reported that HTC had also fallen out of the world’s top five smartphone companies in the last quarter of 2012, falling behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony and ZTE.

One culprit behind the company’s dismal numbers is perhaps the delay of the HTC One. Announced in February, the company’s next flagship phone was set to drop in mid-March, but has been pushed back to April 19. HTC attributed the hangup to the phone’s camera and complications with finding the proper components. Preparing to go head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the HTC One will also cost $199, with AT&T and Sprint taking pre-orders. The phone boasts a 4.7 inch screen and a light-collecting 4 megapixel camera to rival the clarity of cameras with larger pixel counts.

Another prospective boost in HTC’s profit may be the company’s collaboration with Facebook. The HTC First phone will be the first to have a collection of apps called Facebook Home, a feature that integrates the social network into almost every component of the phone.

The HTC First is slated to release this Friday (Apr. 12).