Iggy Azalea Talks Objectification of Women in Music

The plight of the female rapper is an ongoing conversation on the hip-hop landscape. Achieving the perfect balance of sex appeal and raw talent can be difficult for some, including newcomer Iggy Azalea. The “Work” rapper, who was introduced to mainstream audiences as a member of T.I’s Hustle Gang, recently made headlines with rumors of an affair with Kanye West. Media outlets are reporting that their relationship is a mix of business and pleasure, much to the dismay of expectant mother Kim Kardashian.

The tabloid fodder is old news to everyone but Azalea, who tells Australian website The Music that the false claims caught her by surprise. “I didn’t know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken…it’s just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever.”

The Wilhelmena International signee is also privy to the attention her modelesque curves receive from fans and critics. While it’s common for men to pick a part a more “scandalous” ensemble, Iggy is annoyed by men who comment on her sometimes reserved style as well.

“I won’t say who it was, somebody I work with in a label… and [they said] like ‘I like how she looked at the Brit awards, why can’t she look more demure,’ and I thought ‘F*ck you, you’re a guy, you thought that that was a type of sexiness that appeal to you, something that was more demure, because you’re an older man, instead of something crass, me in a colourful pair of highlighter shorts, you still wanted me to be beautiful in your own way, and kind-of, to me it’s still objectifying me.”

Much like female rap pioneer Lil Kim, Iggy is learning to use her sexuality to her advantage, adding that if you “like my butt, at least you like something.” If there’s one thing Azalea knows–it’s when to draw the line between what music executives tell her and fans appreciate.

Photo Credit: Getty Images