‘Iron Man 3′ Breaks Records Overseas In Opening Week

Tony Stark has already started his box office takeover. ‘Iron Man 3’s’ international rollout is breaking records overseas, and has ranked in a healthy $195.3 million so far.

During its first five days, Marvel’s latest hero film ruled 79 percent of the international market in 42 territories, according to Deadline. Beating out the $185.1M opening weekend of the ‘Avengers’ mega-movie, the third installment of the Marvel series is in the running to demolish the entire international run of the its first two films, hitting totals of $266 million and $308 million respectively.

Defeating the entire international run of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ in just one weekend, ‘Iron Man 3’ now sits atop the records for biggest film openings in eight countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. The film has also beat out ‘The Avengers’ in opening week sales in 11 countries.

‘Iron Man 3’ hits theatres in the U.S. this Friday, May 3.