J. Cole Discusses Murdering Miguel In ‘Power Trip’ Video

J. Cole went from murdering verses to killing Miguel in the visual for the duo’s latest track “Power Trip.”

In an interview with MTV News, Cole admits that the concept of killing the “Adorn” crooner made his management uncomfortable at first.

“‘Check it out; it sounds crazy, but hear me out,'” he recalls the initial conversation with his management. “[Miguel]’s gonna be the boyfriend.’ [But] because I’m going and killing the boyfriend, they’re hearing it and these guys were clearly not thrilled about the idea.”

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The video tells the story of an admirer gone mad as Cole and a friend stalk a woman who belongs to another man (played by Miguel). The eerie video concludes with the Born Sinner MC burying Miguel’s dead body.

Young Simba explained that the storyline is a continuation of his Warm Up mixtape track “Dreams” and has been in the works since 2009. “I told them, ‘I got the concept for the video, but really it’s not a performance video, so I don’t even know if Miguel could fit in here ’cause the concept is this,’ but then the moment of clarity came,” he explained. “This is the only way he could fit in the video.”

Cole announced earlier this week that his highly anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner will drop June 25.