J. Cole Talks Singing On ‘Power Trip,’ Competing With ‘White People’ For A Grammy

While J. Cole has been cooking on the airwaves with his single “Power Trip” and its dark twisted visual, the Fayetteville native says his second collaboration with Miguel was actually his manager Mark Pitts and Jay-Z’s brilliant idea.

“My fans and people have never heard me like that,” J. Cole told Hot93.7/Hartford about “singing” on the record. “I played it for Jay-Z and the first thing he said–even before he said it was crazy– was ‘You gotta get Miguel on that.’”

But even even after Pitts recommended recruiting Mig for the track, Cole — whose sophomore effort Born Sinner drops June 25 — was hesitant about letting his inner crooner show but was ultimately satisfied with the end result.

“I started humming the melodies and I wrote the words,” he said. “I wanted to do it [sing it]. Nobody heard me do that. I kinda like how I sound doing it.”

Now that he’s successfully held a few notes, Cole says he’s gunning for a Grammy, especially after Drake’s non-televised win for Rap Album of the Year.

“Rappers never win Album of the Year,” he said. “Even Kanye West, if any rapper deserved it in the past ten years it was Kanye west for Graduation.”

He also wants to bag a gramophone for the same title. “I’m going for Album of the Year,” said Cole. “I’m trying to compete with the white people, man.”

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