Joe Budden and Consequence Throw Punches On Love & Hip Hop Reunion

The second part of the Love & Hip Hop NY reunion was way more drama filled than the first, with the men and women throwing ‘bows.

Jen and Raqi continued to argue over the whole “I’ll get the job before you because I’m white” debacle. Cons defended his girl, who denied ever saying the line. Rashidah Ali jumped in for no particular reason, and after her own issues with Raqi, it was only right that the two ladies tried to fight each other. Luckily, security stepped in to stop the beat down but not before Rashidah (aka the “Shoe Consultant to the Stars”) took her shoes off. The always-classy Joe Budden got right on his cell phone to record the near-cat fight.

Joe should have been watching his own back. During a commercial break, he and Cons got into an all out bout and Cons punched the back of Joe’s head. Tahiry got her jabs in and punched Cons in retaliation. Host Mona Scott-Young tried to figure out what went wrong. Both Joe and Cons claimed the other had been talking about him and the fight was a result of ongoing disrespect. Neither repented despite Mona’s appeals and almost had a another fight in the green room. Mona put them in check and got her security goons to hold them back. “Let’s take a time out,” said Mona.

Fights aside, the reunion was largely a bore fest. Yandy said that Mendeecees is in lock up in Rochester, NY and awaiting a bail hearing. Tiffany (Rich and Erica’s mutual jump off) came onstage and the three continued to bicker about who set up who and who smashed what. Gross. In the end, Tiff said though she and Rich aren’t a couple, she’ll always be in his life.

Rich and Joe also came clean about the sex pics circulating of them (separately) online. Both claimed that their manhood was Photoshopped but admitted to having naked pics of themselves. Um why?

Finally, the entire cast came together to talk about the future. Short version: Erica has a book coming out, Yandy is managing Lore’l, Olivia is working on her new album, Raqi is DJing, Jen is blogging, Rashidah is engaged and Tahiry is doing a bunch of things…but she wouldn’t admit if Joe Budden was one of them. Guess we’ll have to tune into the next season to find out.