Joe Budden Cheated On Tahiry, Erica Mena And Olivia Fight On ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Reunion

The season of ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’ may be over, but the cast still had plenty of drama left over for us in last night’s reunion. Hosted by show creator Mona Scott-Young, the cast took turns on the hot seat, discussing this season but more so, their overall hatred of each other. Celebrity shoe consultant Rashidah and Yandy still had beef over their shared bed-mate Mendeecees (who wasn’t at the reunion because he’s still locked up on drug charges. Rashidah put Mendy on full blast by telling Yandy that he had one of the smallest you-know-whats she had ever slept with. Ouch!

Yandy took the high road and told Rashidah that should could care less about his past smashes. Her biggest issue was that her so-called friend Winter Ramos was running back to Rashidah and spilling dish. The very pregnant Winter (Is Jadakiss the daddy?!) told Yandy that Rashidah was also her friend and that’s why she refused to keep her mouth shut. I mean, the chick did write a tell-all book. Did we really expect her to be discrete?

Winter and rapper L’orel were also on the outs. Winter claimed that her former friend slept with her man but L’orel countered that Winter’s slept with so many men, it’s near impossible not to double smash. L’orel was still fuming over being written about in Game Over but she shared that her lawyer has worked out a deal in which she’ll get a cut of the book sales.

Raqi Thunda was also the center of drama; her on-screen beef with Rashidah and then Tahiry, still very much intact. Tahiry told the audience that she felt Raqi was negative and a little too buddy buddy with her man Joe Budden and that’s why she ended their friendship.

Joe Budden and Tahiry were then joined onstage by his mama and his ex Kaylin. Joe’s mama is sure that Joe and Tahiry are soulmates, much to Kaylin’s displeasure. Kay then got very emotional, tearing up as she explained the difficulty of watching her man leave for another woman this season.

Erica Mena was also surprisingly emotional, when she wasn’t being totally cray. Rich Dollaz admitted to being in love with Erica but his mama and Olivia countered that she was his dirty little secret that he was really embarrassed of. Erica did a lot of eye-rolling and snapping (and almost fought Olivia) throughout the show but when asked by Mona to sing a song from her infamous ballad, she retreated. Olivia gladly took the mic and sang a line or two.

The real meat of the show was at the very end in which the cast played a variation of Joe Budden’s “Truth or Truth” game. Various members were asked to come clean about accusations and rumors via a lie detector test and the results were pretty shocking. We learned that Erica Mena was indeed in love with Rich and her “R” tattoo was an homage to him. She did, however, admit to cheating on him with more than just Tiffany, but she’s somehow still in love with him.

The truth did not set Joe Budden free and we found out that he is not currently in love with Tahiry. Moreover, he cheated on Tahiry with Kaylin even after they broke up. The look on Tahiry’s face said it all. “Shut the fuck up n*gga and stop knocking on my door!” snapped Tahiry.

Stay tuned for more surprises in the second part of the reunion next week. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy