Justin Timberlake Brings ‘Memphis Soul’ To The White House


Who better to speak to aspiring music students about Memphis soul than Tennessee’s own Justin Timberlake?
Held in the State Room of the White House, Timberlake ditched his usual Suit & Tie for a more casual look as he offered some encouraging words for the youngsters.
Led by Michelle Obama, music students from across the country were all ears as Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite and Mavis Staples shared their stories and advice.
USA Today reports that the discussion acted as a precursor to the 10th annual In Performance At The White House concert where Queen Latifah, Alabama Shakes, Steve Cooper, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Bell And Moore, and Mr. Timberlake were all expected to take the stage.
Just before she opened the floor for questions from the eager youngsters, Mrs. Obama let it be known that none of the discussion leaders were there by luck.
“As you listen, I want you all to keep one thing in mind… realize that none of these folks up here arrived here on the basis of talent alone,” she said. “They’re here because they’re been working hard to perfect their craft since they were at least your age, and many of them even younger…. when Justin first started touring, he would immediately go to the bus to watch a tape of his performance, taking notes so that the next night he would be even better.”
Be sure to check out all the performances when PBS broadcasts the In Performance At The White House concert on April 16.